Trust Our Rental Pros For Short-Term Solutions

When your forklift goes down for emergency service or your business increases rapidly and you’re short on forklifts, you’re often left in a bind.  Don’t worry, we have Rentals stocked and ready to deliver.  Our flexible term options allow you to rent equipment for as long as you need it.  Springer Equipment owns more than 300 late model forklifts and jacks to choose from, just tell us:

  • How much weight do you need to carry?
  • How high to do you need to lift?
  • Will it be used indoor or outdoor?
  • Would you prefer LP, Diesel or Electric?
  • Do you want to rent Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly?

We have sit down riders with cushion or pneumatic tires, manual pallet jacks, electric walkie/riders and more!

Call For Rates

Rental Special – 10% off Rental of 6 Months or Longer and 10% off multiple units on Rent

Need a Rental? Email Us now for Rentals or Call Doc Holliday at (615) 647-9615.